Patio Covers & Pergolas

Sunset Construction and their design service creates outdoor living areas that beckon you to come and sit. We design and build comfortable and inviting porches, patios, and yards. As a designer/builder, I encourage my clients to always have places in the home that make you feel good, places you will use; because, if you do, you’ll love your home even more. We invite you to extend your indoor comforts outside and let us show you how to increase your home’s living and entertaining space. It makes sense, by adding outdoor living areas you will not only increase the living space of your home, but also help it bring a much higher resale value with more market appeal.

It means so much when you find a place where you can feel that sense of solitude, whether it’s a small table under an arbor in the garden or a shady setting for summer lunches, or a special place to start a busy day with your morning coffee, or an area for hosting a large dinner party… Outside entertaining is not only special, it can be magical. You’ll feel like you’re being transported to another place.

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As demand has risen over the last few years, we have designed and built more outdoor living areas, and the feedback from these projects has been outstanding. By combining customer requests with our expertise and creativity, we have been able to create structures that not only satisfy customers’ practical needs, but also their aesthetic ones. If you are interested in a Sunset Construction custom outdoor living addition, we encourage you to start your project while conditions and pricing are ideal.